About Bible Bowl


Bible Bowl is a program designed to give 6th-12th graders a chance to learn a portion of God’s word, learn what it means, and then compete in a quiz bowl style game over what they have learned.

Northside’s Goal
We strive to give kids a fun place to learn God’s word.  Our number one goal is not the competition, our goal is getting kids into God’s word and making sure they understand what they are learning.

Northside’s History
The Bible Bowl program was started at Northside in the early 90s.  During its inaugural season six members participated.  We’ve ranged in size over the years from 6-20 kids participating.

The Text

This year we will be studying heroes of the Old Testament. They are Joseph, David, Elijah, Elisha, Daniel, and Esther. There is a lot of great material to learn from this year!

The Competition
Our teams compete monthly at a round robin held in the Columbus area.  Typically it is held on the first Saturday of the month.  We also have the opportunity to attend tournaments held by Bible colleges during the summer.  At the end of the year we attend the National tournament.

Still Looking for more?
If you’d like a more detailed idea of what Bible Bowl & Beginner Bible Bowl is overall visit the National Bible Bowl website.